23 April 2012

Waters of Time dataset

Waters of Time as described by the City of Future Documentary Films which would appear to be an subset of orphaned data from vads.ahds.ac.uk - which is the now defunct AHDS (Arts and Humanities Data Service)

�Highland Princess' unloads, reloads at King George Dock. Measured from end of cert. (U). Still in �London on Film� [� Museum of London in Docklands]. Reel 1: 'The Port of London Authority presents'; 'A film of LONDON RIVER'; 'Produced for INTERNATIONAL REALIST by BASIL WRIGHT'; ph. Reg Hughes, camera asst. Cyril Moorhead, sound recording Ken Cameron; words Paul Dehn, spoken by James McKechnie, Paul Dehn, Felix Felton, John Slater, music Alan Rawsthorne, conducted by Muir Matheson, script direction and editing by Basil Wright and Bill Launder; 'WATERS of TIME'; 91ft, fade up on quote; 141ft, picture opens < > on water, bow wave, passing Middle Blyth buoy; gulls, tug etc., oil refinery, 'Bruce', 'Lake Winnipeg', Asia' (ships). Sun Tugs Office (Gravesend): man puts telescope to hole in window, man with hat; 'Highland Princess', Sun XVI, Sun XVII; King George Dock Office; 'Highland Princess', big 2 funnel ship (registered in Belfast); Galleon's Reach, power station; 3 tugs haul to lock, where to put it?; open lock gates, directed by whistle; lock fills, ship rises (high), raise bridge, open inner gates; ship into dock, bridge closes; tugs move ship to berth (2 cameras? - 1 on tug, 1 on distant dockside - or perhaps different days); tugs let go; insert on cargo, places of origin; ships: 'Ashanti Palm', Liverpool; 'Loch Ryan'; 'waiting . . . morning', fade (~1332ft). Tower Bridge, Richmond (top of tide), 'slack water'; Westminster; 'God looks down on the waiting river' etc.; 'man wakes with them . . .'' end of reel (1577ft inc end leader). Reel 2: PLA mobile canteen, dockers etc. come to work, very long list of trades etc.; Police (Great Western Railway Company office behind); Scammell truck; shunting, PLA train; bales of cotton, carcasses of meat (Highland Princess cargo); ships: 'Corfu', London; 'Chindwara', London; 'Eva Peron', Buenos Aires; 'Troilus', Liverpool; 'Daghestan', Newcastle on Tyne; 'Kracujevac', Rijeka; 'only one of hundreds'; sacks, hooks; dry dock; label: 'Ford - vehicle for EXPORT Casablanca. Exported on Drawback' (van); pallets of canned fruit, fork lift; 'hatchie' guides crane; 'Beaverdell' leaves; camera in crane; camera on rolls of paper lowered by crane; in hold; camera flying over dock; PLA building, interior, chronometer; Orient Wharf, Morocco Wharf (smells etc.); barrels from Spain and Portugal (Port), batswing fungus above 'the roof of an ogre's mouth the morning after'; 'we leave on the ebb'; Highland Princess departs; Middle Blyth buoy again; dock � river � estuary � sea; THE END, AN INTERNATIONAL REALIST PRODUCTION' (~1648ft).