07 March 2010

Earlier works around water

Periscope 180° super 8/1992 
At sea when it began: three months of water, and then down the west coast of Australia, nowhere else to go.  Three months of water and now a land-locked mast.  A western setting sun.  By the wharf, down at the docks, the pipes, the pipes are calling another aching load… and every day after that I went to the beach. 

Pools Between Land super 8 - video/1990
Still water, pooling water, not spilt like on land, collects in depression.

m-dot.report video/1991
… residents of the village of Elwood and other areas around Post Philip Bay, Melbourne, Australia, reported seeing a flying object hovering at about 250 metres above the water, 500 metres offshore at Point Ormond. 

As we drove north up the eastern side of the Island we came across the rusting hulk of a ship wreck; one of the more accessible of many such wrecks dotted around the Australian coastline.

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